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i didn't read all the posts...

about a year and a half ago i took a fall and permanently dislocated my left clavicle at the breastbone. there was co-lateral damage to the shoulder too. there is still some occasional pain, but i was back on the bike within two weeks, no PT, just one x-ray and a few consultations with orthopedic surgeons as regards surgery. their responses were pretty much "live with it".

about nine months later i fell on my other shoulder and permanently dislocated my clavicle at the shoulder (aka separated shoulder). this time i didn't go anywhere or talk to anyone. just ibuprofen. was back on the bike in two and half weeks. still hurts now and then. probably a little more trauma to the rotator cuff than the first fall. both are a bit unsightly, but i don't habitually take my shirt off in public anyway, so's not a problem.

i ride about 10,000 miles a year and remarkably, can still do pushups, even though there is really no skeletal connection between my arms and the rest of my body!

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