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Originally Posted by Machka View Post
Go to the PT!! 12 times is not excessive.

I've damaged my left shoulder twice ... started going to PT but moved halfway through the sessions and didn't pick them up again. I'm still struggling with that shoulder years later.
Further to this ...

My first injury was tearing my rotator cuff while getting dressed one morning ... halfway into a tight sweater there was a loud POP and blinding pain. I ignored it because I figured there was no way I could have possibly hurt myself getting dressed. 2 weeks later I couldn't use my left arm anymore. I continued to ignore it until a week later I ended up in hospital with severe chest pain and a completely numb left arm.

I had torn my rotator cuff, it wasn't healing properly, and the surrounding muscles supporting it had suddenly cramped. Off I went to PT, and that time I went through the whole process and the shoulder and arm felt much better.

Several years later, I was coming down a very steep, slick hill with a 4-way stop at the bottom, cars pulled up at the stop, so instead of flying throught the intersection, I hit the brakes. Bad move. Concussion, brusing from hips to toes, sprained wrist ... and a separated shoulder. My whole left arm felt loose and floppy. Again, it took me a couple weeks to go to the Dr, but when I did, he did a number of tests. We discovered that I can raise and lower the arm just fine in front of me, but not off to the side. I was sent for PT and put on the MRI waiting list. A few weeks later, the MRI confirmed the separation ... and the suggestion was that I continue PT. I did for another couple weeks, but then moved before healing could fully take place.

Years later I still have difficulty raising my arm out to the side, and the shoulder partially dislocates now and then. It still hurts to move the shoulder, especially when it is partially dislocated (like ... right now, for example). It also gives me pain when I'm trying to sleep ... and lying on that side often causes it to dislocate. Now I regret not continuing with PT.
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