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CLB front brake is toast! Need some suggestions!

Hi Guys,

Been awhile since I've posted mainly due to the fact I've just been really enjoying my bike (1983 PSV-10) and haven't bought or looked to buy anything else. However, took a spill last week and ended up with some nasty road rash, but also completely snapped my front CLB brake caliper. I figured it was a crappy situation, but no biggie I have a pair of super record calipers at home I can swap in. I then realized that's not going to work since they have recessed nuts. So now I look to the C&V for assistance. Either a bead on a front CLB brake so I can get my only bike back on the road or suggestions on other calipers that would perform well and fit the bill.

I think the original 1983 PSV-10 came with Weinmann 605, but I'm not too familiar with how those perform. I remember Modolo making some awesome white brakes, but those are probably super pricey these days.

PS: I'm also forced to be a bit frugal so ideally I'd want to trade my super record brake set for something nice that'll fit my bike.

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