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So I bought one yesterday and used it on my slow group ride this morning. I'm happy with it.

I upgraded the maps and firmware to 2.40 last night. I setup my screens and added my HTC One phone and my home WiFi. Today, it all just worked. The LBS setup the sensors for me. Installed them on my bike and got the heart, speed and cadence sensors to show up. It did take a little while for the heart monitor to start reading, but I've had that happen on gym equipment before as well.

On the ride, I liked all the stats it was showing me. The mount held it nice and tight, no vibration so far. I have been using my phone and a bulky holder which worked, but my phone has fallen out a few times. It was nice to have the GPS there instead and have my phone safely put away in case of need for it. Also, the screen is MUCH easier to see than my phone and has more data per screen. I didn't get a call or text on the ride, but the night before my girlfriend sent me a text and it came up on the Edge.

Back to the ride, Cadence and Heart Rate were new to me. They were fun to watch. I was kind of freaking myself out at first on the HRM because I've never tracked it on rides before, so I wasn't sure what was good and bad. Once I got past that, I enjoyed my ride more. The Grade % was cool. I've always wondered what my hills were. I was surprised to see 1,414 climb on the ride. Didn't realize I was going up hill that much.

I uploaded the ride to Garmin Connect via WiFi as I was walking back into the house. I didn't know to hit play button to pause it at the first stop, so it got some dead time in there when meeting up with the group that ran my averages down. Being able to go back and look at all of the stats of my ride that I've never seen before is cool. I'm a numbers guy, so that is cool to me.

I feel like I'm just scratching the surface with this thing. So far, I'm digging it. Expensive though.
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