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Originally Posted by iab View Post
Summertime - Gin & tonic. Sometimes with bitters, sometimes without. I prefer the pine of Tanqueray but a dry gin is also excellent.

Not summertime - Tequila. Best bang for your buck and smokey smooth, Don Julio Anejo. Lots o cash, try Don Adolfo Extra Anejo.
I agree with your choice of tequila!

And while i can admit that some whiskys are improved with a bit of water, I will always give them the benefit of the doubt and omit the water. I did have one bourbon, I think it was Bookers(or was it Blantons?), that was so high in alcohol there was no help for it but to add a bit of water.

I ride my bicycle through the tiny village of Kelso, Tennessee all the time but I have yet to stop at Pritchard's Distillery. I occasionally pedal into Lynchburg, TN which happens to be a dry county. The yeast from the mash has turned the bark of the trees on the Jack Daniels Distillery property black.

When I lived in Missouri, every bar worth its salt had at least 30 flavors of schnapps on hand. Banana, chocolate, blueberry, all sorts of nasty stuff. Nowadays, at least in Alabama, the bars have 30 flavors of vodka. Cotton candy vodka? What is this world coming to?

I am most pleased by the onslaught of microbreweries. While some of these bizarre concoctions probably won't stand the test of time, the fact that they exist at all shows that people are interested in different things, something beyond Miller Lite. I drank enough cheap and nasty beer in college. I'm glad I have better options.
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