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Originally Posted by Giacomo 1 View Post
I have mixed feelings about these micro-brews.

It's kind of good to see business's opening up like they are, and I do enjoy hanging out in them once in awhile, but is what they brew really beer? I like Miller Light and a Bud or a PBR, they're real beer without the gimmicks. If I want to go fancy I go with a Guiness, good for me, but these micro style beers mostly leave me cold. Pumpkin, citrus, honey or maple and other stuff just don't belong in beer.

Just one mans opinion!
Microbreweries turn out a LOT of good beer using just water, yeast, malts, and hops. By and large, the difference between microbrews and mass-produced beer is the selection of ingredients and attention to quality. It's like the difference between the burgers I cooked on the grill this afternoon and cheeseburgers from McDonald's.

You don't have to be a fan of fruity, flavored beers to appreciate a good microbrew. I don't care for flavored beers, either, but I appreciate good food and drink made with real ingredients.
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