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Bikes: Crap. The box is not big enough...

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I've never tried the lacquer, but in 24 hours the clear is dry enough to handle gently. The paint is still pretty soft after four days: I hung the Colnago that I've been working on in my workstand, loosely, with an old tee-shirt in the stand to keep the abrasives away, and when I took it back down, I found that where the tee-shirt touched the frame, the weave of the fabric had left an imprint. I got a little spastic about that, and put the bike away for the night to regain my normal centered calm (ahem). The weirdest thing, in the morning, the weave pattern in the clearcoat was very nearly gone. A little polish and you couldn't see it at all.

Anyway, I'm now guessing that the paint should probably set up a least a week or two before final assembly. Kinda like tubulars, I suppose.
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