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That bites bro.

I'd say go with some DT/Hugi's or some Chris King hubs if you can...

If you can't, stick with Shimano. Shimano hubs are good, but the stupid loose bearings become annoying after-awhile, and having to make sure that they're properly adjusted all the time really sucks too.

I'd recommend something with Cartridge Bearings...

if you get in the nastys for a long time.. you can just replace the Cartride Bearing itself... where-as with a loose-bearing hub the little boogers will get in there and make the surfaces all nasty.

Good luck on your quest for a new wheelset.

If you want something stronger for the next go around, build up a set of Sun Single-Tracks. I have em on my BigHit.. and they take a beating and come back for more!
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