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This is an old thread, but I just found it and felt that it was worth saying that my Cetma cargo -Largo does not have a front wheel wobble. I have had it up to about 25 mph and never felt a wobble with or without cargo weight on it. Ok, not totally a clear answer - it is never without weight completely as the stoke monkey e-assist, battery and box add 35 or so lbs. to the base of headtube area. I don't tend to let it roll faster than that as I am not comfortable with the speed and precious cargo.

I don't know what could cause your wobble, but I would hate for folks to assume that it is inherent in the general design and all cetmas wobble.

Also, would love to hear an update on your bionx and how much power you tend to use with it. Do you know how many watts you average per mile with general use? I roll with three kids in the box - a current total of 109 kid lbs and growing. I seem to be averaging 16 watts/mile with my local rolling hills. I keep hoping fitness will bring the watt/mile down, but I am not sure that my fitness will grow faster than the kids.

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