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Originally Posted by corwin1968 View Post
I've been riding a 1995 Trek that I bought second-hand about two years ago. For the past couple of days, I've been noticing a "click" every time the left crank moves thru a certain point. I took off the crankarms and jiggled the movement. I rode it a couple more times and still "clicking". I decide at this point to go ahead and take the hollowtech II crankset and BB off my newest bike (that I paid an LBS to build from a frameset) and move it over to the Trek.

Once again, I take the crankset off the Trek and head over to the non-drive side with my BB tool. I put it in the splines, slide the wrench on and the weight of the wrench alone starts turning the bottom bracket. "It was loose!!....." I think to myself and as I am unscrewing that sleeve I'm thinking that something is unusual.....and then the whole bottom bracket came out!! Not only was it just short of was in backwards!! I go to the drive side and again, the weight of wrench is enough to break the sleeve loose.

I then move to my newer bike. A different LBS mentioned that my crankarm was loose and they tightened it while installing new shifters. I remove the fairly tight left crankarm and then slide the crankset out. I then attach my BB tool and it is less than finger tight! Same thing for the other side!!

When I originally picked up the bike after it was first built, I was a bit disappointed. The Ergon grips were installed upside down, the handlebars weren't lined up with the front wheel and the brakes were rubbing. I was able to fix all that in less than 10 minutes so no biggie. Now, I find that my crankarm was loose (as reported by another LBS) and both of my BB cups were just finger tight!!!!
There are good shops, and not so good shops.

My shop is extremely busy because a number of the shops near me perform work like what you have experienced. That actually saddens me, because if enough people can't get their bikes working well, they may quit the sport.
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