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Frame resonance with 2015 DS 8.6

Purchased a 2015 DS 8.6 about 6 weeks ago. It is a great ride. Like the lock/out fork, brakes, seat, and overall handling. Comfortable all around bike for trail or pavement, just as advertised. Sharp silver finish. But, I had a problem with the bike frame's hollow top tube resonating a metallic 'chain' sound in certain gears.
With the front gear on the largest sprocket, I could only use the smallest two rear sprockets. As soon as I shifted to the third rear or above, I would hear the sound. LBS replace the tires, chain, rear cassette, and hubs and it made no difference. I found that when I was hearing the noise, I could put my hand around the top tube and deaden or muffle the sound! It was gear system sound resonating into the frame. With a bit of persistence my LBS was very helpful and switched out the bike for another 8.6. New bike picked up this week has no sound problems! Yea!
Worked out great. But it makes me wonder about the specification tolerances Trek has on their frames.
Hopefully it was just a slightly off frame and not a bigger problem.
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