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What makes you think you're burning more than 3000 calories per day? Have you checked the calorie burning sites?

Use these sites to find out how many calories you are burning:
They may vary slightly, so you can average them out.

Don't forget to enter a full 24-hour's worth (or at least your waking hours) of activities when you use the calorie burning calculators. Even if you just sit at the computer and type, enter that.

Then enter your food on this site to find out how many calories you are consuming:
And use this one to find out the calories of fast foods and other things like that:

If you do that for a week or so, you might have a good idea if you should add more calories or not, and what sort of calories might be the best ones to add.

Incidentally if you are thinking more in terms of bulking up, you might opt to try weightlifting instead of adding ice cream to your diet.
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