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High calorie, nutritious food and weight gain could be two seperate issues.

To start with high calorie nutritious food.

Go cream forever! Sour cream or double/mud cream with fresh berries or fruit. Triple cream brie, cheese in general, just seek out the good stuff from a continental deli or equivilent. Cook with butter or ghee.

Bacon and eggs with sausage and tomato for breakfast.

Some nice pork sausages on a bed of fresh sauerkraut. YUM!!

Chicken liver pate.

This is all nutritious, high calorie food although it may not put on any weight but it will nourish you with plenty of vit A.

For weight gain I would try lots of pasta and carbohydrates, vegetable oils, avocado and nut + nut butters. These sort of foods would put weight on me but I don't know if it will work for you or not.

Personaly I would worry about nutrition first and as long as you are well nourished don't be so worried about your weight.

EDIT: OK the above high fat foods are high calorie but you could do with some vegetables. Salad greens with olives, avocado etc dressed with extra virgin olive oil. Gently stew vegetables in chicken stock. Add a little cream or coconut cream. You could steam your vegetables and add a little butter.

See my usual reference,

Regards, Anthony

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