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Tour de Cure

Next month I am participating in the Tour de Cure ride for diabetes. Its an 85k ride and all the procedes go to help fighting the disease. Im not really insolociting donations or anything like that, but the whole "diabetes" part kind of hits home.

I have a cousin that has had diabetes her entire life. It stunnted her growth substantially and she was always sick and in and out of the hospital. At first she only had to have one kidney removed. As it progressed, they had to take the other one out too. The doctors told her parents that she needed a kidney, or she was doing to die. I have a large family with plenty of aunts and uncles and cousins and a few people checked to see if they were compatible. As it turns out the only one that matched was my mom. So at age 40 my mom gave one of her kidneys to my 11 year old cousin. That was in 1998.

You never really know how bad something is untill it affects you or someone you love. If you'd like to donate, please click thie link in my sig. The ride is Nov. 20th and each supporters name will find its way on my bike and i'll be sure to post pics.
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