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So why do I want to gain weight? Because I am sick of seeing my ribs!
6'4" 145 pounds, 19 year old male. I ride about 150 miles or so a week, give or take.
So here are are calculations, and I already use fitday to ensure I am eating at least 3000 calories.
"The results of your calculations are: BMR 1,807 RMR 1,774"

The adjusted ones would then be "
1.2 Bed Rest 2,168 2,129
1.3 Sedentary 2,349 2,306
1.4 Active 2,530 2,484
1.5 Very Active 2,711 2,661"

Fitday gives me this-
"Calories Burned Today
source cals % total
Total: 2983
Basal: 1808 61%
Lifestyle: 1175 39%"

The ice cream bit was a a bit in jest, but in all seriousness I would love to add some weight mostly in the form of muscle. I eat as a general rule very well, except for the huge thing of ice cream this weekend.
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