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Originally Posted by tekhna
The ice cream bit was a a bit in jest, but in all seriousness I would love to add some weight mostly in the form of muscle. I eat as a general rule very well, except for the huge thing of ice cream this weekend.
You oughta try Atkins Diet. If you go LOW CARB
you will build muscle to the max on your current
regime. AND, you can eat all the higher fat meats
and cheese you want and still bulk up.

The only thing you will want to watch, even
if you do nothing is IF YOU EVER STOP exercising
and still eat the way you are now, you will become
as fat as a pig. (It can happen, [the story of my life.])

You can read all about the LOW CARB Diet at the
following website and they have a support forum that
provides GREAT support from many people who have
attained their goals. Many are weight lifters AND bike
riders. Tria-thalon types. Then there are your run of
the mill fatties wanting to lose weight.

Check the diet out at: AND
their support forum can be found at:

Good Luck, but be carefult what you wish for when it comes
to gaining weight. It is easier to put on than to take off.

Ned Goudy
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