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Originally Posted by Spottythecat View Post
I *think* I am down to my final decision. Waiting for the shop to get in a bike closer to the size I need so I can do a test ride.

My concern is the tires between the 7.2 and the 7.3. The 7.3 look almost bald and I am concerned I won't be able to get through the short dirt roads I have to cross to get onto our bike train.

Also, is it worth the upgrade? I like the handlebar grips better on the 7.3 and I think the pedals are better too.

I already decided against the Scott Metrix and the Sportster (although the Sportster was comfortable) and the Specialized Vita/Sirrus ( didn't feel in control). The Trek's have been the best so far. I am trying to locate a store that carries Jamis.

Put whatever tires you want on the 7.3, but IMO, a very bad idea to make a purchasing decision based on stock tires. I have switched out stock tires to something better on most of my bike purchases.

as for whether the stock tires would handle the dirt roads you have to ride, a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, how far will you be going on this dirt road? 1/4 mile? 1 mile? 5 miles?
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