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Originally Posted by Jaeger99 View Post
I run 28s (Bontrager hard case AW) on my 7.2 FX over gravel paths and woodland trails with zero issues. And on the road they are so much nicer than the fat stock tires.

I was using the Bontrager in a size 28mm for a while and they were fine on the vast majority of rail-trail and crushed lime-stone type trails. Where they fell short was riding the C&O canal tow-path, but that's an especially rough trail by recreational riding standards... it was also more of an issue running a 28mm tire at too high of a pressure; the same trail with a 32mm tire and lower pressure would have been fine. A more aggressive tread pattern does have advantages on gravel if you decide to sprint but unless you are in a race, that doesn't matter. They stop about the same.

Although "woodland trails" is kind of vague... I wouldn't use slicks on a trail with rocks/gravel bigger than say a marble. Not for more than a mile, at least.

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