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Originally Posted by Grey. View Post
It really isn't. All you're getting with carbon is weight reduction, I rode the 7.3 and the 7.4 back-to-back at my local Trek dealer and found both rides to be equal. I rode the full carbon 7.7 and that was a nice ride but the usefulness of a carbon fork on a full aluminium hybrid bike is overstated, it's a very small and marginal improvement.

As for the OP, there's a laundry list of reasons i'd go with the 7.3 over the 7.2, you're getting a lot of upgrades for not a huge price increase.
That's one of those things where a short test ride wouldn't make for a noticeable difference... the (potential*) harshness of aluminum tends to stand out after a four hour ride. A carbon-fork upgrade really is an upgrade, not just marketing (this coming from someone with no desire to own a carbon bike).

*I say "potential" because variations in tubing size and design also influence ride and comfort.
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