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Originally Posted by mooklekloon
Let me begin by saying that I have no idea what I am talking about and have no experience with any GPS equipment.

Has anyone thought of putting a GPS locator on their bike, to locate it in the event that it was stolen. I wasn't thinking along the lines of an entire GPS unit with display and everything, but just a simple beacon sort of thing, that in the event of your bike being stolen could be tracked by someone with the appropriate equipment. I was thinking one could hide it in the handlebars or down tube. I guess powering it would be a problem. Any thoughts?
- possible... besides GPS, there are a number of low-power beacon modules used for an Amateur Radio sport called 'foxhunting'... APRS is another position-reporting protocol w/real-time map linking!

radio direction finding

timed beacon (licensed Hams ONLY)

the PocketFox

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