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Oh, I am trapped! Stumon would not blink at this, but I lost my
MARTA card yesterday!

My MARTA card is a monthly pass good for unlimited public transport. I depended on that card to supplement my cycling to work, which, without the card, would amount to a minumum of 140 miles per week.

Sorry, folks, I don't think I'm there yet. But now I have an excuse to try. Every day I use MARTA without my pass, it will cost me $3.50. Wait a minute, if I pull this off, maybe I can start saving $30 a month by not buying my MARTA card. hmmm...

This would be like Mike "losing" his car (which he doesn't drive anyway.) Except I actually am a little nervous about what I will feel like next Thursday.

(Can angels "steal?" I am thinking my guardian cycling angel "stole" my MARTA card to help me complete my cycling destiny.)

Anyway, any tips on increasing distance without adding strain over accumulated daily trips would help me a lot. Right now, my strategy is to "take it slow."

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