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Bikes: Bikes??? Thought this was social media?!?

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63 years old, with 30 years of pretty consistent riding. Many years 4k mi.
Picked up cycling in 1984 (as an adult), as a complementary exercise for a winter ski habit. I'd taken up the skiing only a few years before and as a sea level liver had to condition aerobically to improve in the mountains. Learned that it's really nice to 'condition' 9 months a year for a few months of ski weekends at Tahoe. Monterey Bay, CA and the Santa Cruz Mts were bicycle heaven to me.

Have tried a whole bunch of road bikes and settled on a few. Occasionally ride in the mountains too.

Investment value? -- old bicycles? -- Phshaw, you'd probably do better by begging at a well traveled urban interstate off-ramp with a stop sign/light at the bottom. Either that, or you work your butt off at the high-end of this narrow collectible market (Hilary Stone). Flippers need a built in market (college campus, etc) to make it even remotely worth the effort. Except for the joy of rebuilding something useful for someone else.

Just go ride&enjoy your bike or enjoy your rolling art, that's why we are here.
Like model railroaders, old car buffs, film photographers, doll collectors - we will always be around.
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