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ancient mariner

Hello from Florida.
I bought a Papamotor 1000watt 48volt kit w/ lithium battery.
I installed it on an expensive Specialized (brand name) mountain bike with full suspension.
It was an eye opener. It would do 30mph and get there quickly.
I really enjoyed this bike and was pleased to find that when you applied the brakes you get dynamic braking that charges the battery.
It works very nicely.
I mounted the battery over the rear wheel on the rack provided.
This put most of the weight too far back and too high.
When starting from a stop the motor gives a strong initial pulse and if you are not careful it does a wheelie.
I also set up a friction control on the throttle so it will stay where you put it.
I really like this feature but if you stop and don't turn off the throttle you will be in for a surprise when you release the brake and it takes off.
This happened one too many times for me and since I don't need to go 30mph I have decided to use a 500watt motor.
I'm trying to find out how to order one now.
Apparently you cannot order directly from Papamotor now.
Any help?
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