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Originally Posted by prathmann View Post
There is no one "Amtrak Train" but rather many different ones which have varying rules with regard to carrying regular bikes (although last I heard they were all supposed to take folding bikes - unfortunately some conductors don't know that). Some trains have hooks at the end of the regular cars for hanging bikes and therefore you just roll your bike aboard at any station and hang it up. However, other trains require bikes to be carried in the baggage car and therefore to be checked - and only some stations are equipped to handle checked baggage. The old baggage cars required that bikes be boxed and some of these are still in use. This year the baggage cars started to be redesigned with racks for regular bikes and therefore no longer a need for boxing:
New Baggage Cars Coming Soon |
Better check with Amtrak for your specific train and stations.
Everything here is dead on. They do take folding bikes in lieu of one piece of luggage, but carry a printed part of that policy with you because many station and train personnel don't know that. Here in the Midwest, I know one train in Michigan is equipped for roll on service, all the trains in Illinois have been for years and some in Missouri. You just have to check.

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