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Originally Posted by Sew Lizzie View Post
Thanks for your reply. I am indeed looking to do more touring - not across the world but just more in my local area and maybe one day further afield in the UK. Yes I know the Trek 7.3 is a hybrid - to be honest when I bought it I was just thinking of buying something lighter to make cycling generally a bit easier for me, not faster, just easier. It has done that in some respects, but is uncomfortable on any journey longer than 5 miles or so, and on anything except the smoothest of roads. I've realized, after much research, that what I really want to do is, as I say, more on the touring side of cycling, so that's why I'm looking at the Thorns, which have some fantastic reviews. I'll be taking the process of buying another bike slowly to make sure that this time I get the right one for me. It worked with sewing machines!
Hi Lizzie,

Welcome from the Federal Republic of Scotland!!

Loads of nice areas to tour near you, and further afield. The Thorns are great bikes (I've managed to ride a couple).
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