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Pete, I could see where it might be difficult to live in Atlanta and rely 100% on bicycle transportation.

I was there for about three weeks. Actually, I was in Atlanta and Duluth, Georgia. Maybe my exposure was dimented because of Duluth. It seemed to me that the infrustructure was poorly calculated. Atlanta seems victim of urban sprawl that puts great distances between the edges of the city and surrounding.

There are main trunks and then branches off of the main trunks that don't really go anywhere and don't connect with any other roads or trunks.

As a result, there are MAJOR traffic jams along the main roads that would be very bike unfriendly - plus no bike lanes or sidewalks (at least in the area surrounding Atlanta).

Is this correct, or was it my narrow exposure? If this is par for much of Atlanta, then I could see where you would at least need to go by bus or car.

I am very interested to hear what Pete Clark and others from Atlanta say about the roads and bicycle commuting in the Atlanta area.
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