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I would appreciate some knowledgeable riders or shop owners giving me feedback/thoughts on tires. I'm really interested in someone's experience with Aramid fiber bead tires. I presently have Bontrager LT3 700c on my 2013 8.4 DS and they (back tires) will typically last about 1200-1400 miles (5 months) or so for my road/asphalt hill riding. I notice that Bontrager offers the same 700 x 38C with an Aramid bead. I really like the feel of my Bontrager/wire bead tires but this newbie would like to know all the options.

1. How many more miles/percentage if any (0%,10%,25%,50%..etc) with Aramid.
2. Any compatibility/mounting issues with my original wheels.
3. Can I still use a Tuffy Liner with Aramid.
4. Ride (feel) comparison.
5. Any other info, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any info, sorry if this topic was covered in an earlier post.

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