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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
when I see a bike like this it always makes me think that someone grabbed the wrong size stays. I'm not sure I believe that putting longer plugs on there is a good idea. People have done that, I suppose, but since the stays are a bit short already, that's going to be a really long plug. The thing that I have seen done is to put a tube around the outside. Not the prettiest repair, but if cost and functionality are the main concerns, that's a pretty decent way to go
It might be worthwhile to source some plugs that fit external to the seat stays, I don't like the look but it might be workable. I also think Andrew Stewart's process would work. My guess is the stay ends got over cooked and became brittle. Also, did not have enough cross section either.

Basically, the guy doing the work has to be comfortable in the strategy. There are I think a number of ways to do this.
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