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@large cat Welcome fellow Vancouver commuter.
@chaadster Provided an excellent synopsis and I will provide local experience and preference.

I am a strong supporter of normal Schwalbe Marathon tires.

I have used them on my daily commuter for the last 10,000+ km and I only got one flat (I am not counting an overpressure blowout, my fault not the tires). I ride all around the city, this has been from Burnaby to Richmond, now Vancouver to Richmond almost 40 km a day. I go over the Knight street bridge almost everyday and that I think is a great tire tester. It is dirty with all sorts of debris and where I got my flat a moth or so ago.

The flat was caused by a piece of hard and sharp plastic from some vehicle housing and was the size of a nickel. It sliced through the worn rear tire.

I used 700x32
Schwalbe Marathon tires until my new ones where I got 700x35. I ride with a lot of weight, about 275 pounds of gear, me and my son on a not so light (35 pound) long haul trucker. I would almost feel comfortable putting 28's on with my load but decided to go with the 35 for comfort.

With my 700x32 on I average about 22 km/h +/- 2 km/h on my commute so I feel speed is a non issue, that is engine dependent. I have not had issues keeping up on normal group rides.

I feel comfortable on most every surface also. I have used them on dirt, mulch, gravel (hard pack and loose) pavement. Unpaved roads around Gulf Islands have been fine, the Kettle Valley Railroad, the dike out to Steveston.

The regular Marathon seem to be great tires to me and I highly vouch for them. I have not had installation problems and I have not to worry about removing them very much anyway since they do not flat. I think 28 or 32 would be the best utility size choice also.

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