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Buying a helmet online


I've bought a Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro helmet from Amazon and, upon receiving it, have discovered that it's too big for me. After tightening it around my head as much as I could without it feeling too uncomfortable, the helmet still wobbles when I shake my head. I can also fit 2 or 3 fingers between my temple and the helmet. It also looks huge on my head.

Anyway, the problem is that no where does it state the size of the helmet (is the word Micro in the name the answer? I hope not, because then I'd need kids' helmet), so I don't know what to order instead.

The reason I'm not buying local, by the way, is the price, which starts at $60 while on Amazon there are many nice looking helmets for cheaper.

Anyway, I'd appreciate if you could point to some smaller helmets than the one I mentioned, or maybe help me understand what size I need.

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