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I believe that is a mid 80's Alan aluminum bike. Could be an "Record" model.
Love the nice royal blue anodizing on the tubes.
As noted by most, the head lugs are the ones most prone to cracking, especially if they have the wreath-like pantograph pressed on them. As I noted before in this forum, if the bike had been in continuous use since the 80's and no cracks had appeared yet, it's highly unlikely they will, unless the bike is subjected to unusual trauma/abuse. Anyway, when these lugs do crack I don't think the head tube assembly fails catastrophically as there's deep extensions of the top and bottom head lugs into the head tube that will also need to crack through and break off their internal glued connection to the head tube.
Enjoy your beautiful classic Alan, and if you can, please post a picture of the bike's drive side, so we can see the details on the crankset and deraillers too.
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