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Originally Posted by modernjess View Post
Im sorry, but really?

You are too afraid to go to a local bike shop and try a few on for size? And maybe, just maybe, buy one there to help your neighbors make a living? Instead you prefer to get on bike forums and ask insipid questions in an effort to save 8 bucks while sending your money out of state and paying no state sales tax?

Really? Is that the gist of your dilemma?

I try to be nice here and help people out but this is weak. Man up. Go to a local store size it up and get a lid to protect whats left of your melon.
Afraid to go to a local shop? When did I say that? "Help my neighbors make a living" - except what they're trying to do is to sell overpriced crap for 4 times its worth. The cheapest adult helmet I found in a price-comparison website is 52 USD, which is exactly 4 times the price I paid for the Schwinn helmet on Amazon, and what they're selling is not even anywhere on Amazon, so who knows how good or bad it is. "Paying no state sales tax" - well, if I buy over $75, I pay taxes to my country. Is that OK with you? Here, I still support my neighbors make a living. "Man up" - as in, "just swallow it and pay a day's income for a piece of foam and plastic"?
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