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Originally Posted by JohnJ80 View Post
Exactly right. It is unfair to go in to a an LBS and use it as a showroom for your internet purchases. Either know what you want, order it and if it doesn't fit then own the shipping return charges and/or restocking charges. Or pay for the fact that the inventory is right there for you to buy when you want it and there is someone to answer your questions and fit your helmet.

Last time I checked, not too many on line stores are also fitting the helmet for you either. Looking at many riders (most), their helmet fit is so poor that they need that sort of help.

IMO, a lot of bike shops have a snobby attitude that be a big turn off. I had one bike shop tell me that Salsa was begging them to stock their models, but they said they didn't have to because people were lining up to buy their Specialized bikes. I guess that's the business side. I know I've spent thousands of dollars buying bike stuff before I found a great LBS that sells used bikes. They finally got a QBP account and I've tried to order as much from them as possible. It works both ways, LBS have to earn the customer's business as well.

But keep giving the LBS a chance. If you walk into one and they don't give you a good vibe, just walk out and keep looking for others. There's nothing like being able to bring your bike into a bike shop and borrow their tools and stands to work on your bike. Then end up helping them fix customer's bikes during a rush, and shoot the breeze while drinking a couple of beers after the shop closes, and you wonder where your Friday night went....
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