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Tire Question: 32 Gators vs. 28 GP4s

I have a Kona Jake I commute on year round in Boston. The stock tires finally wore out, so I am ready to upgrade to a proper year round commuting tire that is big, durable, and can handle some winter riding on Boston's terrible roads. I've narrowed it down to the Gatorskins and Grand Prix 4 all seasons, but each has a weakness: I've read some reports that Gators aren't so grippy in cold wet conditions (although others dispute that) and the Gp4s, which apparently are great in those conditions, only come in 28s, instead of the 32s I'd prefer given those bad roads (and apparently the GP4s run small at that).

So for anyone in the know, which is going to make the bigger difference? Are the Gators really that bad in the winter? Or is the harsher ride of the 28s going to be more noticeable?
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