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Originally Posted by Dave Cutter View Post
And if you would have hit him.... what would you have said? You didn't see him in time? He came out of no where? He wasn't dressed appropriately (as in bright reflective clothing)?

Hey lets face it most people that buy a new bicycle take them home and rip off the reflectors and dork disc. Everyone knows/says that affordable lighting just isn't good enough to make you seen. And wearing a black hoodie... is just plain rapper-cool.

Cyclists make it difficult for motorists. People who chose to drive aren't murderers. They are merely motorists. The idea of running over a cyclist scares the crap out of almost everyone.
I would say all of the above apply. However, with tire tracks on your head, what difference would it make what the driver said? As far as the clothing goes, that's why they tell even peds to wear light colored clothing at night.

Any lighting would have been better, regardless of price. I mean I was basically sitting still on the median when I started my turn. I was only a few yards away from the bike and did not see them.

Some cyclists make it difficult for motorists. That's my gripe here.
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