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The problem with not following the rules of the road is you surprise others. That can be fatal. Lots of my rides end in the dark and the last section is sometimes an unlighted bike path, or a dark unlit road. The biggest danger on my rides, is idiots with no lights, no reflectors, black bikes, and dark clothing, going the opposite direction as fast as possible. They often rode somewhere during the day, and are now trying to get home, as fast as possible.
I have a light that will allow me to see them from a long way away. On high my light is about the same as my car on low beams. That solves the problem, for me, not for them. They typically show up on the road as salmon riders.

They look to be kids on bmx bikes almost all the time. Kids do dumb things sometimes.
Some of the adults I ride with cannot put themselves in the other rider, or other drivers position, and understand, or visualize what the other person sees. This creates lots of unsafe riding or driving.
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