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Originally Posted by Dave Cutter View Post
You weren't at fault... and nether was the cyclist.
Dave, I have to disagree with you here. The cyclist would have been clearly at fault if the car had made contact in the OP. What you're saying is essentially the same as saying that if a car with no lights on that ran a red light was hit by another car, it's not either of their faults. That's wrong. You have to place SOME responsibility on bikers for their own SAFETY.

This has happened to me quite a few times. I've never come close to hitting them, but I OFTEN see people riding in the pitch black with NO reflectors, NO lights, NO bright clothing. I only see them because they're generally far away, and my lights catch them before they get close to me. A few times these bikers have pulled out in front of me and every time I see them do that I comment to myself, "If they had turned a second later, I would have hit them, and it would not have been my fault."

A really good example of this is on one of the roads in my town. I live in a college town (I'm a grad student.) There is one road that runs between the class buildings and the dorms. This road has crosswalks every 50 yards maybe. It's also at the bottom of a large hill coming from the class buildings.

College students LOVE to FLY down the hill on those bikes and cross the road without looking just because they're in a crosswalk and technically have the right of way.

How are drivers supposed to predict that? If a biker comes flying down the road at 15 MPH and the driver is traveling 25 MPH in the middle of the night, would you expect the driver to see the biker before hitting them? Not to mention there are trees on both sides of the road, further limiting the view of drivers. If a biker does get hit in that situation, is it the driver's fault or the bikers'? I, as well as most other people, would say it's the biker's fault for being an idiot. Just because you CAN do something does not make it intrinsically safe to do so.

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