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Originally Posted by corrado33 View Post
Dave, I have to disagree with you here.
That's OK. No one is required to agree with me... or even the factual information ether.

Originally Posted by corrado33 View Post
What you're saying is essentially the same as saying that if a car with no lights on that ran a red light was hit by another car, it's not either of their faults. That's wrong. You have to place SOME responsibility on bikers for their own SAFETY.
No... I didn't say (or post) anything like that... you did.

Originally Posted by corrado33 View Post
This has happened to be quite a few times. I've never come close to hitting them, but I OFTEN see people riding in the pitch black with NO reflectors, NO lights, NO bright clothing.
And... often you don't see people riding their bicycles when wearing bright clothing and using lights and reflectors. You just don't know... what you don't know. We cyclist are all but invisible at times... with all motorist... even in bright daylight. I guess if this is a forum of lawyers fault can be assigned. But NOT being at fault does not bring back the dead.

I really can't relate to this idea that some people seem to have that THEY have control over life and death situations. I have never known that to be factually correct in any but very limited conditions. Certainly such control does NOT extend to cyclists in traffic conditions.
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