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Originally Posted by Dave Cutter View Post
On seat belts and bicycle helmets? What? You don't know how to do a search? I am not going to be dragged down to posting stupid links... then read peoples posts berating the links. It's silly. If you have no math skills... you're stuck with your "feelings" (and psychic powers) about what is safe or not. If you feel better with lucky rabbits feet... or what ever symbol of luck and safety you chose... good for you.
I politely asked you to post facts instead of simple websites that can easily lie about anything. You're argument tactics include bullying people by making them feel dumb for "not knowing" what "should be known."

I have a degree in math, and another in science, please, feel free to doubt my math skills.

I really can't relate to this idea that some people seem to have that THEY have control over life and death situations.
You are absolutely wrong. I have control over my life and death situations, but NOT PUTTING MYSELF IN ONE. Avoiding a life and death situation is controlling it!

No... I didn't say (or post) anything like that... you did.
Let me see if I can spell this out for you.

Original post.
Turning off of a 4-lane arterial (45 + mph) with a wide turn/lane median I had to slam on the brakes. Someone on a 29" mtn bike with no headlight, no reflectors on handlebars or pedals, dressed completely in dark clothing, streaked by the store entry in front of me. Just a slight downhill so they had a decent speed going on.
What I said:
if a car with no lights on that ran a red light was hit by another car, it's not either of their faults.
Car with no lights = bike with no lights or reflectors.

Running red light = riding across parking lot in the wrong direction of traffic.

I don't know how anyone couldn't see the resemblance. What I was trying to convey is that if it was a car, it'd clearly be the dark car's fault, but if it's a biker, you're saying it's not the biker's fault.

Your quote:
But the use of bright clothing, lights, and reflectors is also highly over rated as well. You weren't at fault... and nether was the cyclist.
You are also saying that lights and reflectors don't do much, or in your exact words are "also highly over rated." I bet I could find TONS of data online (the same data you're trying but refusing to quote) that say exactly opposite that.
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