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Originally Posted by Sullalto View Post
....... Wow, judgmental much?
Let me see..... judgmental:
1. involving the use or exercise of judgment. 2. tending to make moral judgments

Yeah.... despite it's unpopularity.... I sure hope I exercise the use of good moral judgment. Thanks for noticing.

Originally Posted by Sullalto View Post
I hit a cyclist once before.............. I don't feel bad.
Then I can see how you are emotionally bound to the assignment of blame. Although accepting that it is unavoidable that people will bump into each other... also dissolves some blame and responsibility as well. In the natural course of bumping heads.... cars will always present a clear advantage over and danger to.... bicyclists. I can't assign that as blame to the motorist... OR the cyclist.

Life does hurt! And so far... life has always proven to be fatal. I have a hard time blaming ether cyclist or motorist because of behaviors that are in the ranges of normal.
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