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Originally Posted by downwinded View Post
We all make mistakes. Mistakes cause accidents. For example. If someone runs a stop sign and crashes into another vehicle (bike or car), that could be considered a mistake. If someone routinely runs stop signs (or rides ninja), I would consider that stupid, and it also causes accidents.
I am familiar with the concept of assigning blame (fault/guilt/responsibility). Lawyers, police, judges, and many other law enforcement people make their living on the idea of blame and punishment. But human brains have not yet evolved at the rate or to the level of out legal system. I've seen motorist look directly at me in my bright and reflective outfit.... and see right through me as if I was completely invisible. And... I've also seen cars magically appear within inches from me.... that I know I never saw.

Our brains don't work perfectly enough for traffic. It isn't JUST that we make bad or stupid decisions. As humans we fail to see the dangers that are often right in front of our eyes. And THAT is what causes accidents. There is NO known way to fix that... as long as humans are allowed to guide their own travel. The defective nature of the human guidance system... will cause accidents.
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