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Originally Posted by mdilthey View Post
No, you misunderstand me. I chose all of the wheel components and they hand-built them. YOu can choose your 26" rims, your hubs, and your spokes and they will put them together! It only cost like $50.

But yes, if you're saying off-the-shelf is limited, you're right. But, with the power of the internet, the shelf is a lot bigger. Getting custom wheels made is not too much trouble, even if there are no wheelbuilders nearby.
In the states you guys have a fair amount of choice which other parts of the world would struggle to equal when it comes to online wheel builders.
For my small wheel Moulton, now sold, I gave up trying to get wheels built up locally in Australia.
It was well worth the extra to give wheelbuilder.com in California a ring.
They had 406 size Aeroheats in stock, were able to custom shorten CX-Rays to suit, and happy for me to post them the hubs of my choice due to my wanting a dynohub front and Sram Dualdrive on the rear.
I would have got them to do my 622 (700c) Ogre wheels with the Dyads too, but was worried about sending my Rolloff in the mail.
I found them pretty competitive even taking into account postage.

If I had the opportunity to start again with my Ogres wheels, I'd not hesitate and I'd be getting wheelbuilder.com to do the work.
My Ogre runs IGH, Dyads and 36 spokes and my Extrawheel trailer mirrors the front wheel build with its Son28 dynohub

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