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Greeting from Houston

Sadly - I am writing this post to discourage folks from purchasing a Specialized Bicycle.

Three weeks ago I purchased a new Cross Trail Sport Disk bike - $700.00+. Had an accident and damaged the front wheel. contacted the shop where I bought the bike and was advised that I can not get a matching replacement front wheel. I contacted Specialized in Colorado and the Customer Service person aslo said that I couldn't get a matching replacement front wheel. I guess I do not understand the bicycle world but I would expect to be able to acquire a replacement part from the manufacturer. Since the rim is black and the spokes are silver I was told I could purchase a black rim and silver spokes and have the wheel relaced? WHAT?

I would presume that somewhere there is a pallet of bicycle wheels that are made like the OEM wheels on the bike I bought.

I have contacted Maddux and have received no response.

Upset and disgruntled in Houston.
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