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Originally Posted by Black wallnut View Post
I'd be concerned that it is stolen. 5 weeks old and he is trying to sell for about half of what he paid. To me this is suspect.
Originally Posted by D1andonlyDman View Post
It is a little squirrelly. I would think that if he really bought it from a local authorized Specialized dealer, if they were worth their salt, a) they would not have sold him such a mis-matched bike size-wise, and b) if they actually did, and they were reputable, they would certainly credit him at least $400 of it to trade for a proper sized replacement bike,
Well?...I just got home with it...and IMHO?...you folks are close but...in a different way...as here's what I think the deal was....

I hafta admit...the guy was good...he was fast talking, fast acting and extremely friendly...and ultimately?...he wound up getting over on me as follows...

I was a bit nervous with the whole....."Meet me in the Tiki Beach Parking Lot and Call Me When You Get There"...thing....with $300 cash in my pocket and a loaded .357 in the console I waited....(as he had also asked what kind of vehicle I'd be driving)...but there was plenty of people around...an extremely "Public" location....so that put my mind to ease as I sat there for the 10 minutes waiting after I called him "when I got there"...and sure enough in comes a Honda CRV with (2) bikes on the back-rack...a sirrus elite and this crosstrail...and the "friendly" came right up front with him handing me what he claimed to be the original grips and a Fugi 10deg stem saying he put this 50deg stem on for me (after me telling him I'm 5'6") and he said just keep it all and you can try (and/or flip) the 10deg extra fugi stem he gave me...then he reached in his pocket producing a triple hex key...took a look sizing me up and them slammed the seat down a few inches....handed me the bike and said..."There...try that"...and I did and man oh man...I was really quite taken with the bike...it was just so smooth and comfy and the first 180 turn I took?...I was sold...the bike steered and handled so intuitively...tight and on the mark...next he says...."So whaadaya think?"...I said it feels really smooth...then he said...

"Well?...let's go for a short ride and make sure you like it!"

I agreed...he grabbed his sirrus elite and off we went...with me loving the heck out of my first experience with the rapid fire shifters as we tooled around for about 10m minutes from lot too lot and going over a few grassy knolls and I loved the bike...and told him "Deal!"...but there were a few things....

1. The bike was missing the side-stand (shown in the CL sales pic) and?...

2. It appeared a bit dirtier with a few more marks and scratches than one might expect of a 5 week old bike.

and the next things?....I didn't notice until I got it home...

3. The bike was devoid of any reflectors whatsoever (also shown in the CL sales pics) and?...

(the biggy?....)

4. I noticed that nowhere on this bike could I find the words..."SPORT DISC"...and that's when I realized that while the disc brakes on this bike are and felt great?....they are not hydraulic like advertised from specialized and that's when it occured to me (after reviewing specialized website) that this bike is not a Crosstrail Sport Disc...it's just a Crosstrail Disc...and the guy was sharp enough to witness me looking for the fork lockout and without me asking said..."If you're looking for the fork lockout that bike doesn't have one."

Now...I'm about 99.999% positive this bike is not stolen...(or I wouldn't of bought it)....and the reason I say that is because several times the guy said...

"And if you have any problems with this bike whatsoever...take it too RealDeal Bicycles...they are the ones I bought it from and are the local authorized Specialized dealer."

And that much?...I know is true...I had already researched that however...

I'm also about 99.999% certain that this guy was lying his azz off about everything else....and what I think I just bought is a used demo bike with new tires...I'm talking brand new with the flashing still on them..Kendra Small Block 8's...and who I think he is?....is an old retired guy that's very much into bikes with an affiliation with the previously mentioned bike shop and is hawking off these demo/rentals for them.

Now all that said?...even though there's a lack of hydraulics on my disc brakes?...and even though the front suspension doesn't have a lockout feature?...and even though I pretty much knew before I handed him the money that this clown was a lying POS and offing demo/rental bikes on CL?....I still felt the bike was worth every penny of my $300 and while it wasn't all of what I was expecting as advertised?...it was also exactly what I was looking for everywhere else...along with a 100 mile round trip in my truck on the line...so I bought it....but I'm pretty D@mn sure it isn't stolen....based on the fact that I don't know too many bike thieves with white hair and dayglow, neon green bike shirts driving late model Honda CRV's with not one but two "specialized" bikes on the back and a triple hex key in their pocket!. LOL!

Also?...I took it straight to my LBS here in town...where Bruce the mech installed and length cut a nice matching flat black kickstand too size for me...and then I went ahead and sprung for a new set of dual interface pedals...(the same as on my Giant RB)...and when I brought too Bruce's attention that the bike didn't have a reflector on it?...he gave me a set...and yes...then I felt bad for buying a used bike off CL instead of saving longer and buying a new one from him but....live and learn and "next time".

So at the end of the day?...ripped off?....or?..made out?...I dunno...but I'd bet the farm it isn't stolen and I guess thanks to specialized?...I still do love the bike...as despite it all?...it's an awesome ride.

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