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My First Hybrid..2013 Crosstrail Disc & Love It! :)

Well?...it took me nearly all day but?...I think I have things sorted out pretty well now and what a journey it has been...from dragging my 10 year old Giant RB out of the shed 2 1/2 months ago and snuffing it up toooo?...nabbing a heck of a deal 2 weeks ago on a $120 Trek Mountain Track that was completely refurbished and in pristine condition...the same one I took for what was supposed to be a short evening after dinner ride and wound up pedaling 10 miles at night scraffing sidewalks, jumping curbs and having the time of my life!

Which ruined me....LOL!...as I don't think I'll ever look at my Giant OCR3 RB quite the same ever again...but who knows...maybe...when I get some good leg strength going to do insane miles on smooth roads but alas?...there aren't many of those here locally...and while the Trek MB was a blast?...I felt guilty about wasting the brand new ritchey climb-max knobbies on so much pavement...and while the adrenaline was indeed flowing that night?...45-50 minutes of whizzing around on a 30lb bike with 26" knobbies had my old diabetic legs pretty much shot out at the end of those 10 miles...and while fun in it's own right?...nothing I would want to dub as a daily severe road conditions commuter...which is when I sort of found myself and realized that what would suit me (and my local riding conditions) best?...would be a hybrid...something smack dab in between my Giant RB and my Trek MB...then enter my just acquired last night 2013 model Specialized Crosstrail Disc...and today?...I went to work decking it out, setting it up and dialing it in...as follows...

It's cool that my Cygolight Metro 550 just clamps on any size bars and it's also cool that the seller included a 110mm 10deg Fugi stem which I opted to replace the 50deg shorter stem with that was already on the bike...and I also went to the LBS to grab a Mirracyle bar-end mirror which I installed as well...as I'll be needing that...

The bike came with these ridiculously ginormous platform pedals which I replaced with Duel-Interface Platform/Clipless pedals...but what it didn't come with was a kickstand...and here is where Bruce the mechanic at the LBS installed one that mounts too the lower support plate and doesn't crush or bend the rear wheel stays....

and the reason I swapped out the stems?...was to lower the bars and stretch myself out just a bit so that...I could transfer my romin evo gel comp saddle onto this bike along with my origin8 tail-light....

This all proved to be great moves for what it is I was looking for...a hybrid bike with CX abilities yet with very near relaxed RB ergo's...which is IMHO?...just what I need for commuting in my area...this put my saddle height at 37"s measuring from the ground up (using the heal too pedal and can't raise my butt off the saddle method of saddle height adjustment)...with a 26" reach from ctr of seat stem too ctr of bars with the bars at 40"s as measured from the ground up....so the bars are 26"s out and 3"s above the saddle and for me?...this seemed to distribute my body weight just right between my butt and hands with an "aggressive enough" riding position to make good use of the romin evo saddle with complete comfort with the pressure properly dispersed unto my sit bones and for bonus points?...tons of thigh clearance for a zero chaffing factor...

And this gentlefolk?...culminated in a bike that allows me to produce gobs of pedal power with ease and near zero worries of encountering any surfaces I can't navigate across with utter confidence....I LOVE THIS BIKE!

And a huge thanks to all those who've helped me along the way and tolerated my endless drivel...THANKS!

Ride Safe and L8R, Bill.
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