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Originally Posted by JohnDThompson View Post
I wish I'd kept my Matchbox cars. My Grandparents lived in England, so these were common gifts for birthdays and Xmas. My favorite was the James Bond Austin Martin, with working ejector seat (and little figurine to be ejected), rear bullet shield, and front machine guns that popped out at the touch of a button.
I believe you make reference to Corgi Toys, number 261. Yep. Kept that one too!

Man, could imagine that being put on the market today?

-I would be sold in a "blister pack", instead of nice box that would last decades.
-It would probably have to retail for thirty dollars or more.
-Made in China? You betcha! After all, where else could we possibly manufacture toys?
-And of course, the requisite choking hazard warning.

Sorry, rant not intended. Please return to regular programming.
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