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Originally Posted by Bianchigirll View Post
Beautiful Bianchis.
BG, I'm honored....

"Bianchi Formula Two Tubing - Probably a mix of Columbus SP and SL tubing. I'll have to look for a PM from T-Mar a few years ago. I believe he said these were thought to be a SL and Alle or CroMor mix. They used the same frame on 4 of the Italian bikes in '86, 5 in '87 and 3 in '88. I think they would have been hard pressed to get a SL/SP bike down into the $600 price range."

Interesting about Formula Two being an SL and Alle or CroMor mix, that makes sense. The Giro takes a 27.2mm seatpost which would indicate an SL seat tube. The bike fits and handles perfectly (for me) but rides like a truck and weighs a ton compared to similar Bianchi models.

I originally came up with the Giro 1987 model date from Marc Bulgier's catalog web site. I forgot that he later changed the catalog from 1987 to 1988.


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