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Originally Posted by Jarrett2 View Post
Yeah, they have several:

Park Tool Co.

Just wondering if there was another brand to look at or is Park the way to go.

She's got her eye on this one:

Park Tool Co. AK-38 : Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit : Tool Kits
Honestly I think that kit kinda sucks. There are maybe 5 bike specific tools in that kit that are necessary. (Chain whip, pedal wrench, cassette tool, crank tool, chain breaker.) The rest probably won't ever get used. I think you'd be better off picking and choosing what you want out of those and buying them individually. Not to mention it'd be much cheaper that way. Even if the tools were $20 a piece, which some are, you'd still be spending less. I can't say for sure though, amazon says it's $200-$600. If it were $200, it's probably not a terrible deal, if it's $600, you're better off buying it yourself.

They include things like a patch kit, lube, chain cleaner, screwdrivers. Things you probably already have/don't need. (Not to mention the bottle opener... ... ... (yes, that's three ellipses, for good reason.)) But, if it's what you want, you'll probably be able to do the majority, if not all, of your bike maintenance/repairs with that kit.
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