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Haven't really got it mastered yet--ran into a couple of issues.

First, to turn the light on you have to punch in a code on the power button--dot dot dash. Simple enough, but the trick is that you have to do it really fast--like double-clicking with your computer mouse. The dots have to be less than .3 seconds in duration. Otherwise you can do it forever and all you have is a cold lump of metal in your hand. I've got it mastered now, though, so no problem.

The other problem I had was that the light was shutting off by itself in midride. This really bugged me, since the battery pack was fully charged. However, the problem was not the light's fault. I was using protected Panasonic cells in one of these boxes

Since the protected cells are a little bit longer than regular cells, the box doesn't really close all the way; and when closed as far as I think is appropriate, the springs are really mashed. So, since I hadn't used this pack for awhile, I had loosened the top to relax the load on the springs. Then when I went to use it with the new light, I forgot to cinch down on the lid. Apparently the lid was loose enough that when I went over a bump, the circuit was broken and the light turned off. So the light is OK.

Hopefully over the weekend I will be able to take the light out to a dead end piece of road I know where there is no traffic and a fence I can lean the bike against in an almost vertical position. Once there I can dial in the angle of the light for max visibility from the rear and also play with the various flash modes to make sure I am on the brightest one (I can walk straight back from the parked bike for 100 yards and compare angles, brightness, etc.)

More to follow after I have got it finalized.
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