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Originally Posted by reggieray View Post
Chain-L user here.

Recently started commuting and find myself riding in the rain much more than before.

Hearing light grinding/crunching noises on a completely clean and lubricated chain, primarily from the front of the drive train, after 24 miles in the rain (12 each way).

When I get home, I wipe the outside of the chain with a rag that has a light spray of GT-85 on it and that quiets the chain considerably.

The Chain-L bottle says to relube after riding in the rain...do I need to reapply after each ride on wet roads?
What you are probably hearing is grit that has gotten between the chain and chainring, not a big concern, and spraying with GT-85 might serve to dilute and wash out the Chain-L. I'm not an expert on these things, but generally clean and relube my chain (also with Chain-L) when it starts sounding dry and rattly. Which is hard to quantify, but doesn't happen to me before 500 miles. (I like to wipe off the chainring(s) and cog(s) with a paper towel when the chain is off, and that helps with any gritchy noises. )
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